Baxter Launches New Asset Tracking Solution To Hospitals Using Sigma Spectrum

IV Pump News October 5, 2017

Baxter Launches New Asset Tracking Solution To Hospitals Using Sigma Spectrum

DeviceVue is a new tracking solution released by Baxter for hospitals using Sigma Spectrum infusion systems. Baxter is a leader in innovative technology for medication delivery and DeviceVue makes them the first and only smart infusion pump manufacturer to offer a tagless end-to-end asset tracking application.

Hospitals are required to deliver clinical and financial return on dollars spent and DeviceVue allows healthcare leaders to utilize reporting to reduce costs by ensuring as many pumps as possible are put to use. It is designed to enhance clinical and hospital efficiency by allowing clinicians and biomedical engineers to find unused pumps from the pumps location as well as determine battery status, wireless network connection, and drug library. DeviceVue receives a signal from the pump’s wireless radio and the information is sent in near real-time to the DeviceVue PC or mobile application on an iPad or iPhone. Searching for pumps by specific serial numbers can help biomedical engineers reduce the amount of time required to do preventative maintenance.

DeviceVue is already in use in many health systems across the country. In order for the program to work, the Sigma Spectrum infusion pump must have wireless radio, must be version V8 or V6, have at least a 25% charge, and have a Master Drug Library of v6.5.6 or later.

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