Transducer Repair

AIV repairs fetal transducers for most Philips and Corometrics monitors. Both tocodynamic and ultrasound transducers receive a complete overhaul and cable replacement. Ultrasound crystals are replacement if needed. Damaged or scratched cases are replaced to make your transducer look like new.

Every transducer is calibrated and tested before it is returned. Transducers are repaired at a flat rate with no hidden charges.

  • Repaired transducers have 1 year warranty
  • Optional two year warranty is also available
  • Average turnaround is 5 to 7 business days

Find the part or service you require below and then fill out the short “Request Info” form to the left of the page, please enter in the AIV part number you are interested in and hit submit for more details.

View the list of transducers we repair below:

Corometrics (GE)
  • 5700, 5700 Nautilus || Ultrasound
  • 2260, 2260 Trimline, 2264 Nautilus || Tocodynamic
Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • 1355, 15248 || Tocodynamic
  • 1356, 15245 || Ultrasound

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