Hospira Infusion Pumps

New AIV manufactured parts and accessories for Hospira infusion pumps have been designed to strict quality standards in our ISO-13485 registered facility. All infusion pump maintenance and repairs are performed by trained and experienced technicians in AIV's ISO 13485 registered facility which follows strict quality control standards to safely meet acute care infusion needs and reduce the cost of owning and supporting infusion pump

Get expert tips from AIV on extending the life of your Hospira Infusion Pump, Download our Guide Here.

With same day shipment on AIV manufactured pump accessories and efficient turnaround times on IV pump repairs, AIV limits your downtime and protects your investment. Warranties are included with all parts and repairs.

AIV extends the life of your facility's infusion pumps by offering the following products and services:

  • New AIV Maufactured parts
  • AIV Certified refurbished parts
  • AIV Manufactured power supplies and other accessories

Please find the infusion pump you are interested in below. Click on the model name to reveal more information about the services available for that particular pump.

AIV Offers Replacement Parts for the Following Hospira Pumps:


Abbott Gemstar

AIV repairs Hospira Abbott GemStar infusion pumps in its USA based ISO 13485 registered facility. The Abbott GemStar is a small, lightweight, ...


Abbott Lifecare

The 4100 infusion system is a multilane, general purpose, volumetric infusion system designed to meet the need for hospital-wide device standardization....


Plum A+, A+3

AIV focuses on extending the life of infusion pumps with its medical device repair programs, and the sale of related parts and accessories....

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