Bolus Cables

AIV focuses on extending the life of infusion pumps with its medical device repair programs, and the sale of related parts and accessories. AIV offers its own line of bolus cables to complement your infusion pump systems. All new patient pendants are engineered and manufactured by AIV following strict quality control standards to safely meet acute care infusion needs and reduce the cost of owning and supporting infusion pumps.

All new bolus cables include a 120 day warranty.

AIV also offers its own lines of hospital grade power cords and patented power supply options to support your facility’s equipment needs.

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Product OEM Ref Number AIV Part Number
Patient Pendant Warning Label - Spanish
N/A BC33334
Patient Pendant Warning Label - English
N/A BC33330
Patient Pendant Bolus Cable Abbott/Hospira PCA3
841-12387-001 BC10925
Patient Pendant Bolus Cable Baxter PCAII
6464565 BC10747

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