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Smith / Medex / Medfusion 3010a Parts

Smith / Medex / Medfusion 3010a Parts

The Medfusion 3010a Syringe Pump is a syringe pump that runs on either AC current or on rechargeable internal batteries.The Medfusion 3010a features 16 fusion modes and an interface that is easy to program and view. This pump may be used in MRI rooms and is user friendly with single-handed loading and a stackable horizontal design.

AIV's trained and experienced Medfusion infusion pump service technicians perform specialized Medfusion pump repairs to extend the life of your Medex / Medfusion / Smith infusion pumps.

AIV Manufactured Parts Available for Smith / Medex / Medfusion 3010a Parts
Top Case Assy w/ Keypad 3010a
G6000736 MD13274B
$ 142.00
$ 142.00

Option not available


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