Refurbished Used Baxter APII IV Pump

Refurbished Baxter APII infusion pumps offer both quality and value for your medical facilities. These AIV Certified Baxter intravenous pumps meet their original specifications. Following strict quality control standards, all AIV Certified Baxter IV pumps are expertly reconditioned by experienced technicians in AIV's ISO 13485 registered facility. As part of our total IV pump support program, AIV provides the market with a variety of used Baxter models, providing cost-effective solutions for our customers' infusion needs.

Thinking of getting a refurbished infusion pump? Avoid the five common mistakes when purchasing a refurbished IV pump, download our PDF guide here.

AIV manufactures AC adapters for Baxter APII infusion pumps. AIV also offers recertified parts and repair services including flat rate repair options. All Baxter APII intravenous pump maintenance and repairs are performed by our trained and experienced technicians.

All AIV Certified pumps come to you patient-ready and carry a 12 month warranty.
Baxter APII IV Pump Specifications:
  • LCD Screen
  • 8 function keyboard
  • Uses same sets and reservoirs as the Bard Baxter PCA
  • Requires a 100 mL or 250 mL reservoir and tubing set
  • Volume limits: 1-250 mL
  • Flow rates: Basal 0.1-9.9 mL/hr, PCA/Continuous mode 0.1-20 mL/hr, Continuous mode 0.1-1000 mg/hr
  • PCA Dose, Bolus and priming rate: 90 ml/hr
  • Occlusion: 22 plus or minus 10 psi
  • Accuracy: 10%

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