WMHS Integrates B.Braun’s Infusion System to their Hospital

February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

Western Maryland Health System (WMHS), a healthcare services provider has announced its recent incorporation of the B.Braun Medical Inc.’s innovative Outlook 400ES Safety Infusion System. The newly installed infusion pump system includes Dosetrac software for improved patient safety and patient care.

DoseTrac is capable of matching the pharmacy-prepared medication to the patient’s infusion pump at the same time guiding the clinicians to the right dose and medication to be administered.

"The system's DoseTrac software electronically displays reports back to our central pharmacy, allowing our staff to easily track the medication and dosage that each patient is currently receiving," said Dr. Sajal Roy, Western Maryland Regional Medical Center Pharmacy Services Director. "These reports allow us to constantly monitor a patient's progress with their medication remotely and have been instrumental in helping to avoid medication errors. Within the first three months of implementation, we identified seven averted Adverse Drug Events that could have resulted in harm."

B.Braun’s Infusion System provides wireless access and transmits real-time infusion data that allows both the nursing and pharmacy team to monitor medication administration from anywhere in the hospital. The new infusion system also enables the staff to manage dosage of each patient remotely.

"It was clear to us that B.Braun developed these pumps with patient safety and efficiency in mind, which helps give our clinicians the peace of mind to focus on our patients," said Western Maryland Regional medical Center Nursing Director Karen Howsare.

Improved infusion pump safety will lead to more effective patient care and reduced medication errors. To achieve these goals, it is essential to use infusion pump systems that are properly-serviced and in good working condition. AIV offers parts and services for most leading infusion pumps, including the B.Braun Outlook series. Browse through AIV’s replacement parts and repair services at www.aiv-inc.com/iv-infusion-pump-replacement-parts.html.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

Laura Collier has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Florida. She is the Marketing Manager at AIV, Inc.

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