US Hospitals to Use Medical Grade Wireless Framework

February 20, 2012
February 20, 2012

The West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI) announced earlier this week that six hospitals have started adapting a medical grade wireless open framework in their facilities. Some of the hospitals that deployed the system include the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, El Camino Hospital in Mountainview, California and HealthAlliance Hospital in Leonminster, Massachusetts.

The medical grade wireless open framework was created by a group of hospital and health system leaders called the West Wireless Health Council. The group was formed to develop innovative solutions by enhancing the potential of wireless health technology. This technology would then be adapted in health care delivery settings at a low cost.

Since there is no standard system for installing wireless infrastructure in health care systems, the group aims to create a more efficient and accessible system to work with wireless devices, namely, the wireless infusion pump. The system would also enable mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones to integrate with other wireless technology.

The medical grade wireless open framework is the council’s first milestone, effectively turning wireless options into a common utility. WWHI has made the wireless structure available and free for hospitals and healthcare systems.

Don Casey, Chief Executive Officer for West Wireless Health Institute says: “We want to see health care benefit from the same economies of scale that have really reduced costs in the consumer electronics space – hospitals are a key driver to make that a reality.” He also adds that the Council’s wireless structure design will help hospitals and healthcare systems reduce any unnecessary costs.

The WWHI council is also looking into other aspects of wireless health including regulatory improvement and leadership, medical device interoperability and data analytics, medical device assurance and hospital infrastructure implementation.

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Laura Collier

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