Smiths Medical's PharmGuard Interoperability Software Now Fully Tested with EMR for Smart Pump

September 15, 2016

Smiths Medical, a leading manufacturer of specialty medical devices, reported last August 30, 2016 that its Medfusion® 4000 wireless syringe infusion pumps and PharmGuard® interoperability software perfected bidirectional testing with Epic’s electronic medical records (EMR) system.

Smiths Medical's PharmGuard Interoperability Software Now Fully Tested with EMR for Smart Pump

Smiths collaboration with Epic, a privately held healthcare software company, resulted in the completion of tests and validation for smart pump programming, a new feature to the PharmGuard® interoperability software platform. Smart pump programming is intended to send the order of the physician directly to the Medfusion® 4000 infusion pump. It minimizes manual entry but keeps the nurse in control through programmed data validation.

Released in 2015, the PharmGuard® interoperability software already shows many benefits for hospital staff and patients. With its key feature of charting infusion data straight to the patient’s file in the hospital’s EMR system, it saves time for medical personnel, increases documentation accuracy, and improves patient welfare by the decrease of errors previously made by manual data entry.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), an organization that sponsors the initiative by the healthcare professionals and the industry to improve the sharing of information on computer systems, supports smart pump programming and auto-documentation. IHE encourages the use of DICOM and HL7 healthcare standards in attending to specific clinical needs for the patient’s well-being. Healthcare IT systems made under IHE’s guidelines operate with better interoperability, follow a simpler implementation process, and enable a more effective use of information.

Smart pump programming with PharmGuard® interoperability software will be available in the USA soon.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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