Smiths Medical Enhances Smart IV Pump and EMR Interoperability

February 07, 2014

February 7, 2014

Leading global medical device manufacturer, Smiths Medical, has announced the testing of their new PharmGuard ® Interoperability Software at the IHE Connectathon 2014 in Chicago. The software comes equipped with three IHE integration profiles, namely Device Enterprise Communication (DEC), Infusion Pump Event Communication (IPEC), and Alert Communication Management (ACM).

Smiths Medical Enhances Smart IV Pump and EMR InteroperabilityThe new interoperability software makes it possible to transfer Infusion data from Smiths Medical’s infusion systems to IHE-compatible Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. With it, clinicians can then use EMR systems to automatically capture therapy data for patient records. This saves time and optimizes workflow by reducing manual data entry mistakes, increasing documentation accuracy and improving overall patient safety. Additionally, the software comes equipped with alarm reporting capabilities to address the increasing concern over alarm management.

“Using the IHE® profiles that promote the use of established standards for medical device interoperability allows us to collaborate with other industry partners to develop a standardized method of communicating information and ultimately helps reduce medication errors,” said Tommy Johns, Vice President Global Products.

IV systems like Smiths Medical’s Medfusion® syringe pumps and CADD® ambulatory infusion pumps are programmed by clinicians to provide patients with medication according to their IV therapy needs. The use of systems such as PharmGuard ® allow pharmacists to create drug libraries that adhere to hospital-defined protocols which can be deployed wirelessly to infusion pumps. It also provides an avenue for patient therapy data collection and management, as well as track compliance and medication dosing trends.

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Laura Collier

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