Hospira Shares IV Clinical Integration Benefits via Multimedia

May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012

In the recent Healthcare Technology Management Week, Hospira released an infographic, a video and a new website showing the benefits and positive outcomes of intravenous (IV) clinical integration of infusion pumps and electronic health records (EHRs).

Hospira IV Clinicial Integration of Smart Infusion Pump Infographic
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The infographic showed the benefits of integrating EHRs with Smart infusion pump and Mednet, Hospira’s IV clinical integration software. The graphic comprehensively illustrated how the integration provides efficient patient care and workflow improvement, removing unnecessary steps during the medication delivery process.

The video explained the current features of the newly enhanced Symbiq, a Smart infusion pump manufactured by Hospira. First to receive the general infusion pump clearance by US Food and Drug Administration, the Symbiq provides top-class drug infusion technology and innovative IV clinical integration.

Hospira also launched a new website, www.ivclinicalintegration.com, an online resource for case studies and news on IV clinical integration. The website featured an insightful source for clinicians and healthcare professionals about incorporating data from Smart infusion pumps to patients’ EHRs.

According to Richard Nevin, US Hospira Vice President for Medication Management, the use of IV clinical integration of EHRs and a Smart infusion pump provides healthcare facilities with safety, efficiency and financial benefits. Hospira hoped to create awareness of the positive impact of using Smart infusion pumps and IV clinical integration in healthcare facilities for patients’ safe and effective medication.

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Laura Collier

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