Hospira and Baxter SIGMA Infusion Pumps Receive Awards

July 02, 2012
July 2, 2012

The Association of Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the research company KLAS recently awarded the infusion pump systems from Hospira and Baxter. Hospira’s infusion pump system was honored for patient safety initiatives while Baxter’s Sigma Spectrum was named as “Best in KLAS”.

Hospira Plum A+ infusion pump

Hospira, together with Lancaster General Hospital, has been selected for the AAMI Foundation/Institute for Technology in Health Care Clinical Award. The institutions were honored for the outstanding implementation of its automated smart infusion pump system, which addressed and solved clinical patient care problems.

Hospira worked with Lancaster General Hospital to integrate their IV pump system with electronic health record (EHR) capability, making the hospital one of the first in the US to do so. Using the Plum A+ infusion pump, the hospital integrated the pump system with Hospira MednetTM safety software. Lancaster General Hospital has enhanced patient safety and avoided medication error-related costs through this integration. The initial implementation reduced IV administration steps by 58.8 percent and cut the monthly IV medication errors down by 32 percent, according to the hospital.

"Hospira and Lancaster have a shared vision of advancing health and wellness, which we're proud to have achieved through this advanced technology,” said Hospira’s Medication Management Systems VP Richard Nevin.

Baxter SIGMA Spectrum infusion pump

Meanwhile, Baxter announced that its SIGMA Spectrum infusion pump has been awarded as the best in the Large Pump category of the 2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipment & Infrastructure report. KLAS is an independent research company which conducts studies that help healthcare technology providers.

''We are honored to be recognized as Best in KLAS for the second year in a row, as this award reinforces our commitment to provide a comprehensive product and strong customer service to assist clinicians with their goals of safe and effective medication delivery through smart pump technology, “ said Brik Eyre, Baxter’s General Manager of US Medication Delivery.

Smart infusion pump systems have helped medical institutions and clinicians deliver medication accurately and safely, improving both patient care and safety. It is essential for healthcare facilities to only use properly-serviced infusion pump systems. AIV provides replacement parts and repair services for most leading infusion pumps, including Hospira and Baxter IV pumps. For the full line of AIV’s infusion pump parts and services, go to http://www.aiv-inc.com/iv-infusion-pump-replacement-parts.html.

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