Enhanced Chemotherapy with Intravenous Vitamin C

February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014


A study conducted by University of Kansas researchers indicated that large doses of intravenous vitamin C could potentially enhance chemotherapy’s cancer-killing capability, while leaving normal cells healthy.

“In cell tissue and animal models of cancer, we saw [that] when you add IV vitamin C it seems to augment the killing effect of chemotherapy drugs on Cancer cells,” Said Dr. Jeanne Drisko, co-author of the study. According to Dr. Drisko, vitamin C via IV therapy helps eliminate cancer cells as it chemically converts into hydrogen peroxide when interacting with tumors.

In the study, 27 cervical stage III and IV ovarian cancer patients were given vitamin C intravenously in follow-up human trials. Findings showed that these patients had fewer brain, bone marrow and major organ toxicity after treatment.

Dr. Bernik, chief of surgical Onclogy at Lenox Hospital in New York City, said t is good or bad. "I've had patients come in and say they were doing vitamin C intravenous therapy. I always tell them we don't know enough to know whether it is good or bad. " According to Bernik, her advice to patients would remain unchanged until larger clinical trials are conducted. 

This new research opens numerous opportunities for developing cancer drugs and treatments. To ensure the success of these new drugs and procedures, clinicians and key healthcare providers must use only well-serviced infusion pump systems. AIV offers IV pump parts and services for most leading infusion pumps. Learn about AIV’s comprehensive selection of replacement parts and services at http://www.aiv-inc.com/iv-infusion-pump-replacement-parts.html.

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Laura Collier

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