Baxter: Sigma Spectrum Infusion Users Achieve High Compliance Rates

June 29, 2016

Data released by Baxter International showed that facilities who implemented the Sigma Spectrum Infusion Systems were able to achieve a 97% drug library compliance rate within the first 30 days of implementation.

Baxter: Sigma Spectrum Infusion Users Achieve High Compliance Rates

Smart pump drug libraries help clinicians identify mistakes in administering medications by providing them with a list of drugs and fluids within medically appropriate dose ranges. If the programmed dosage exceeds the recommended limits, smart infusion pumps send an alert to the clinician.

Baxter’s Sigma Spectrum systems have been designed to automatically default to the smart pump’s built-in drug library when powered on so that clinicians remain compliant with every infusion prescribed in the drug library. The infusion system’s master drug library allows for rapid wireless updates to be delivered into the software without interrupting clinical workflow. In addition, the Sigma Spectrum infusion pump also presents healthcare providers with the option to automatically document infusion records into the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).

“Our highest priority when choosing a new infusion pump was achieving our drug library compliance goals, which is essential to patient safety,” said Dennis Killian, PharmD, Ph.D., Pharmacy Director, who led implementation of the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Md. “Industry-wide drug library compliance is at approximately 85 percent, but our facility—following the adoption of Sigma Spectrum and automatic drug library updates—is at a 99.3 percent compliance rate.”

According to Baxter, the Sigma Spectrum is the only pump to feature a built-in Dose/Rate Change Error Prevention Feature to help protect high-risk infusions when pharmacists customize dose change limits for individual drugs. Keeping your infusion pump systems up-to-date plays an important role in providing efficient and effective patient care. AIV Inc. supplies medical facilities with a wide range of IV pump solutions and services for a variety of leading infusion models like Baxter. View our line of refurbished IV pumps, replacement parts, accessories and repair services at today.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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