Baxter’s New Spectrum IQ Infusion System Cleared by U.S. FDA

IV Pump News May 24, 2018

Baxter International announced the U.S. FDA clearance of the Spectrum IQ System with Dose IQ Safety Software.

Baxters New Spectrum IQ Infusion System Cleared by U.S. FDA

The Spectrum IQ system has the ability to integrate electronic medical records (EMR) bi-directionally with the exclusive features to help ensure the correct medications and fluids are administered to the patient. It builds on the Spectrum infusion pump technology and Baxter’s comprehensive approach to patient safety. It helps make drug library compliance, protection for high-risk infusions and auto-programming more consistently achievable for health systems.

Baxter collaborated with First Databank (FDB) to incorporate FDB Infusion Knowledge™ - an evidence-based library of IV medications - into the Spectrum IQ system to make the infusions safer. The Dose IQ Safety Software powered by FDB Infusion Knowledge™ helps save time by providing a knowledge base of infusion parameters for the Spectrum IQ system.

Baxter’s general manager of US Hospital Products said that EMR integration is an important step in making infusions safer which was the purpose for designing the Spectrum IQ system. It helps customers to overcome EMR integration adoption barrier and sets a new standard for medication delivery, helping enhance both patient safety and clinician efficiency.

Other key features for the Spectrum IQ system include DeviceVu Asset Tracking Application to display pump status, Charge Capture which helps optimize patient billing, reduces alert fatigue among nursing staff, enhanced data analytics for real-time infusion data, and a single set technology that helps reduce the cost of operating the pump.

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