B.Braun’s DoseTrac® May Help Minimize Alert Fatigue

September 22, 2016

A study by B. Braun Medical Inc.'s Infusion Safety Analysis Service which is designed to ensure meaningful use of infusion data and promote best practices and outcomes has identified opportunities to reduce alerts and improve drug library use.

B.Braun’s DoseTrac® May Help Minimize Alert Fatigue

The analysis used B. Braun’s proprietary DoseTrac® Infusion Management Software which identified the top infusion therapies and key practices that cause alerts and smart pump workaround and noncompliance. It included drug library alert data of more than 4 million therapies and 50 hospitals and showed a low incidence of alerts and corrections when the drug library was used, resulting in a low programming error. This may help to minimize alert fatigue.

According to B. Braun, the impact of using their Infusion Safety Analysis Service with targeted library adjustments and education has helped hospitals achieve unprecedented outcomes in increasing patient safety and lowering healthcare costs. The programming sequence surrounding alerts should be continuously analyzed, the ability to review the alerts in real-time, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and routine review of data and measurement outcomes all need to occur in order to achieve 100% drug library compliance.

B. Braun showcased DoseTrac's reporting software and Analysis Service at this year's American Association of Critical-Care Nurses National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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