AIV has developed a revolutionary replacement case kit for the GE APEX PRO telemetry transmitter. In less than six minutes you can replace the exterior plastics and membrane switches on the unit. 80% of transmitter repairs involve the exterior plastics or faulty membrane switches. Have your units back on the floor in minutes instead of weeks with AIV’s new GE APEX PRO replacement case kit.

Apex Pro telemetry offers a highly flexible and modern telemetry system to meet the current and future telemetry needs of growing hospitals. Apex Pro relies on an exceptional networking infrastructure operating in the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) for dependable communication of vital patient information. Apex Pro works seamlessly with CARESCAPE™ Enterprise Access, giving you the option to unite clinical intelligence across the enterprise under one halo of wireless coverage. This single infrastructure approach gives you expanded coverage area and the flexibility to deploy Apex Pro telemetry wherever you need it.

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Product OEM Ref Number AIV Part Number
Header Apex PRO
N/A GE13300
GE APEX PRO Replacement Case Kit
N/A GE13209

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