West Virginia Hospital Acquires Innovative Ultrasound System

February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

St. Joseph's Hospital of Buckhannon in West Virginia recently acquired the Logiq E9 ultrasound system from GE Healthcare to offer superior care and attention for patients’ medical imaging needs. Acquisition of the GE ultrasound system allows the hospital to keep up with innovative trends in medical technology.

WestVirginiaHospitalThe GE Logic E9 is a non-invasive medical test that easily captures detailed 3D and 4D images of internal organs and tissues as well as the illustration of blood flow through vessels. The procedure employs new technology known as Agile Acoustic Architecture to accommodate a variety of patients ranging from children to obese adults. According to GE Healthcare, the high-frequency transducer of the ultrasound system improves the resolution and quality in breast tissue and thyroid nodules leading to accurate results. All advanced features enable physicians to quickly attain data for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Upgrading to the advanced ultrasound system, St. Joseph's Hospital enriches the opportunities given to its employees through a career and education support system. Dr. David Rosiello, St. Joseph’s Hospital medical director of imaging, explains, “It's getting more difficult for small, rural-type hospitals to get by. There's a lot of competition and declining reimbursement for health care.” As they do every two to three years, the hospital directors plan the budget for the equipment upgrade to develop more services for their community. Through these new and improved equipment acquisitions, trust is established between doctors and patients by providing top-notch and reliable equipment for their facility”.

Superior patient care can be provided by healthcare facilities through updated medical imaging equipment. Hospitals should invest in high quality fetal monitoring systems and accessories to guarantee prenatal, neonatal and maternal care and safety.

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Laura Collier

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