Texas Children’s Hospital Opens Houston’s First ‘Zika Clinic’ For Expectant Mothers

Fetal Monitoring News August 18, 2016

Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women has opened the state’s first Zika Clinic which caters specifically to pregnant patients. The facility officially launched in August and operates on a weekly basis.

Texas Children’s Hospital Opens Houston’s First ‘Zika Clinic’ For Expectant Mothers

On Friday mornings, the hospital provides a team of their expert medical staff to examine patients who have possibly been infected with the virus. Apart from evaluations, the clinic also offers special ultrasounds for mothers every 4-6 weeks during pregnancy beginning at 15 weeks to help monitor symptoms.

According to maternal-fetal medicine specialist, Dr. Martha Rac, Texas Children’s doctors have already screened about 100 pregnant women since the center opened. The clinic also accepts patient referrals from other doctors within the Houston area.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) accounted for 37 women in the CDC’s Zika Pregnancy Registry. Among the cases were 3 pregnant woman confirmed to have been affected with the virus. Nationwide, the CDC last reported 400 pregnant women tested positive for Zika while another 378 tested positive in U.S. territories.

Due to the rapid increase in Zika Infection and the dreadful Zika-related birth defects, pregnant women and their unborn babies are the most vulnerable targets of this mosquito-borne illness. Given that no vaccines exist to prevent Zika, the focus of the clinic will be on virus testing and fetal growth monitoring.

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