SIU Doctors Begin Clinical Simulation for Portable Fetal Monitoring System

December 10, 2014

Researchers from the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine have begun conducting clinical simulations to develop a new portable fetal monitoring system that aims to decrease the risk of fetal death in high-risk pregnancies.

Biomed Monthly – Decemer 10 2014

Dr. Robert Abrams, division chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine and his colleague, Dr. Nazeih Botros, are exploring the use of a novel fetal monitoring device called the AmmSensor™ to create a new system that monitors, records, and analyzes fetal movement in real-time. One of the main objectives of the new system is to decrease the visitation frequency of high-risk patients to their physicians while still promptly providing objective data to the doctor.

The wearable technology enables monitoring from the convenience of a patient’s home and provides the information to the attending physician via Bluetooth. The AmmSensor™ is placed around the mother's abdomen and measures the number of pressure occurrences on the uterine wall. Motion-based sensors within the device wirelessly transmit fetal movement data to a website for immediate access by the physician, regardless of location.

The investigators’ clinical simulation will involve six high-risk patients at the Carol Jo Vecchie Women’s Center of St. John’s Hospital to run non-stress tests and trials. Three separate sensors are placed around each mother’s abdomen, including a fetal heart monitor, a device to measure uterine contractions, and the AmmSensor™. This procedure intends to measure AmmSensor™’s product equivalence from the existing fetal monitoring systems.

Additionally, the Center for Clinical Research at SIU School of Medicine proposed to test the device on the Noelle™ Maternal and Neonatal teaching mannequin, which has been a valuable tool for the assessment of new fetal monitoring equipment. Following the clinical test on Noelle™, the researchers were able to come up with four variations of data. The first variation displayed a signal with no movementincluded.

As the study progresses, Dr. Abrams and Dr. Botro will be developing an operations manual in preparation for wider scope of the medical study.

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