Scientists Develop Optoacoustic-Based Fetal Monitoring Technology

April 28, 2015

Scientists from Noninvasix, Inc., in collaboration with obstetricians from the University of Texas Medical Branch, are developing a new type of fetal monitoring device that utilizes optoacoustic technology. The probe is meant for use during late-stage labor and is designed to detect cerebral oxygenation levels in babies.

The device monitors cerebral venous oxygenation in the superior sagittal sinus (SSS). The SSS is a large central cerebral vein located right beneath the top of the skull. The new optoacoustic probe sends small laser light pulses into the SSS to produce an acoustic wave response. Because the ultrasound signal being returned comes in the form of a straight line, the actual saturation of hemoglobin in the SSS can be accurately determined. The response is then sent to an electronic monitoring system that amplifies the signal and records the findings on a computer.

According to Noninvasix, Inc., the optoacoustic-based technology provides a high optical contrast and ultrasound resolution, which allows for direct blood vessel probing and more accurate results. Additionally, studies suggest that because cerebral venous desaturation provides direct evidence of insufficient oxygen availability, decreasing levels of SSS (SO2) can provide an early warning of neonatal cerebral hypoxia.

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Laura Collier

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