Philips Unveils New Model for Mother and Child Care

November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

Philips introduced a new framework model for mother and child care at the 2011 MEDICA, the largest medical trading fair held last November 16 to 19. The Integrative Developmental Care Model focuses on the importance of caring for a newborn baby and a safe delivery for mothers.

Specifically, the new framework concentrates on three areas of care namely: (1) pregnancy, labor and delivery: the use of ultrasound imaging instruments for maternal and fetal monitoring that help clinicians provide the best care for both mother and newborn, (2) post-natal, neonatal and pediatric care: utilization of innovative products and educational services for premature births, newborns and hospitalized pediatric patients, and (3) care at home: high-grade products that provide parents an easy transition from hospital to home-care.

David Russell, Philips Healthcare General Manager of the said project, has made the following statement:

“With our Integrative Developmental Care model, we have a unique opportunity to work with health care professionals to support developmental care across the continuum of care—not just for babies born prematurely, but for all mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, neonatal care and pediatric care. By continuing to provide innovative technologies, the model underscores our commitment to advancing the role of developmental care for families.”

To commemorate the unveiling of this model, the Philips Avalon FM fetal and maternal monitor equipped with SmartPulse technology was showcased. The Philips Avalon FM monitors with SmartPulse help clinicians have a better understanding of the fetal heart rate. This device also helps doctors and nurses differentiate a fetal heart rate from a maternal pulse, a common error encountered during pre-natal check-ups.

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Laura Collier

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