New App Allows Mothers to Monitor Their Pregnancy More Efficiently

April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Doctors from Michigan developed an app that helps pregnant women have a healthy pregnancy through daily health tips customized to the expectant mother. Called babyQ, the iPhone app measures the mother’s “baby IQ” which determines which of her lifestyle habits should be improved.

The idea came up several years ago when Mark Gostine, MD, learned that his daughter was pregnant with his first grandchild. To aid his daughter through her pregnancy, he sent text messages and emails that included healthy lifestyle tips.

Gostine, together with his partner Gareth Forde, MD, conducted research that involved 40,000 pregnancies in West Michigan. The team compiled data from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organization and drafted a short survey, which was the basis for the babyQ’s survey.

BabyQ requires pregnant women to take a two-minute survey to gauge their “pregnancy IQ”. BabyQ then calculates the data from the 22-question survey and scores the expectant mom between 0 – 100 scale. The app provides tips on handling the pregnancy specifically tailored for the user.

Since its release in November 2012, the free smartphone app has been downloaded and used by thousands of people in 21 countries.

Fetal care has improved over the years, providing clinicians and expectant mothers alike easy and efficient care for the baby’s health. Apps and fetal monitoring systems allow healthcare facilities aid pregnant women achieve healthy pregnancy.

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Photo courtesy of babyQ.

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Laura Collier

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