Latest Advancement in Fetal Monitoring Uses Bluetooth™

May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012

The International Journal of Computers in Healthcare, a peer-reviewed journal published by Inderscience, announced the upcoming articles for its next issue. Included in the list is a paper featuring a modern method of diagnosing fetal health (through fetal phonocardiography) that uses BluetoothTM technology.

Fetal phonocardiography is a method used by clinicians to measure fetal heart rate (FHR) which determines fetal health status. The study’s authors were Vijay Chourasia and Anil Kumar Tiwari from LNM Institute of Information Technology in Jaipur and Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, respectively. The team from India developed a new system using BluetoothTMto pick up fetal phonocardiograpic (fPCG) signals. The system’s hardware included an acoustic cone and a BluetoothTM headset kit which records and displays fPCG signals. This data is then transmitted to a personal computer where physicians can analyze them.

The team tested the system on 33 pregnant women at different stages of gestation. The method had a 98 percent accuracy when compared to the ultrasound-based Doppler shift method. Scientists hoped to have the system available at a lower cost for pregnant women needing long-term home care.

Advances in fetal and maternal health care similar to this study increase patient comfort and offer cost-effective techniques, helping both patients and clinicians. To ensure the healthy delivery of pregnant women, equipment such as maternal and fetal monitors should be well-maintained and properly serviced. AIV provides accessories and repair services for fetal monitoring equipment. To learn more about AIV’s line of accessories and services, visit

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