Intrauterine Device to Help Monitor Vital Signs for Fetuses of Obese Mothers

August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

First Pulse Medical, a California-based start-up is in the process of developing an intrauterine device that will help physicians monitor vital signs for fetuses of obese mothers. Currently, the device can successfully monitor heart rate and is projected for FDA clearance by the summer of 2014.

PeriCALM Perinatal SolutionThe intrauterine device uses proprietary light-based technology to display fetal heart rate on existing bedside equipment. It acts as a non-invasive solution to fetal monitoring for mothers who are ineligible for the standard ultrasound stomach belt procedure to monitor fetal heart rate due to their weight or other infections such as HIV or hepatitis. The device serves as an excellent alternative to the fetal scalp electrode method, which requires that an electrode needle be screwed into the baby’s scalp.

Earlier this year, First Pulse’s device was accepted and moved to the incubator at the Fogarty Innovation Institute. Nathan Batchell, First Pulse CEO, says the company plans to further develop this technology to go beyond fetal heart rate monitoring to include fetal circulatory, respiratory and oxygen statuses.

“If any of us walk into an emergency room, physicians can get 20 pieces of information on us in 10 minutes. The physician takes all that information and processes it together to make an initial assessment of what is going on with us,” Bachtell said. “We want to begin to try and allow for that type of monitoring for the fetus–to begin to give the physician an array of diagnostic information.”

Leaving the fetus unmonitored puts both the mother and the baby at risk of serious health problems. Keeping fetal monitoring equipment up-to-date and well-maintained allows for medical practitioners to provide their patients with optimal care. AIV offers accessories and repair services for fetal monitoring equipment. Browse through AIV’s full line of accessories and services at

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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