DVMC First to Deploy Wearable Technology for Labor and Delivery

May 19, 2015

As part of a Prime Healthcare System initiative to reduce caesarian sections, Desert Valley Medical Center has become the first hospital to integrate the wireless Leaf Patient Monitoring System into their labor and delivery units. The new wireless system will be used on mothers receiving epidurals to help ensure that they are repositioned every 30 minutes.

The FDA 510(k)-cleared patient monitoring system is a small, lightweight, and wearable sensor that observes a patient’s position and movements. The data collected by the sensor is wirelessly sent to central monitoring stations or mobile devices so healthcare providers can ensure that their patients are properly positioned

According to a study entitled “Maternal positions and mobility during first stage labour”, mothers who are upright and mobile during labor have shorter deliveries and are less at risk of undergoing caesarian births. Most mothers on epidurals however, are often lying down during delivery. Through the new system, nurses at DVMC will be able to receive turn alerts notifying them when a bed-ridden mother remains in the same position for 30 minutes. Nurses will also be able to check when mothers are sitting upright.

"We hope that turning women who are in labor and on epidurals will speed their labor and reduce the need for c-sections," said Patrick Reinhard, Chief Nursing Officer of Desert Valley Hospital. "We hope the use of Leaf wireless monitoring technology will reduce the length and discomfort of labor and provide expectant mothers with a much easier birth experience."

The Leaf sensors, developed by Leaf Healthcare Inc., monitor patient positions and were originally designed to prevent occurrences of pressure ulcers. "In general, frequent repositioning and progressive mobility have been shown to provide significant benefits to hospitalized patients. We believe the Leaf technology has applications far beyond pressure ulcer prevention," said Dr. Barrett Larson, Chief Medical Officer of Leaf Healthcare. "For example, in Labor and Delivery, Leaf can help make sure that patients with epidurals are turning sufficiently, which has been shown to help with the laboring process."

The newest addition to Desert Valley Medical Center will help ensure that soon-to-be mothers undergo safe and more comfortable deliveries at the hospital. AIV dedicates itself to providing high-quality fetal monitoring solutions and services. For more information about our new and recertified fetal monitoring transducers, accessories, replacement parts, and repair services, visit http://aiv-inc.com/fetal-monitor-transducers.html today.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

Laura Collier has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Florida. She is the Marketing Manager at AIV, Inc.

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