Biomedical Engineering Researchers Revolutionizes the Way Clinicians Detect Electrical Activity of the Mother and Baby’s Heart

November 28, 2014

A group of student researchers from the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico (UAM-I) devised a portable cardiac monitor prototype that can potentially detect the electrical activity radiated by the heart of both the mother and the unborn baby.

Biomed Monthly – Nov 28 2014

This new mobile maternal/fetal heart monitoring device prototype, with engineered circuits from Texas Instruments, is the collaborative brainchild of UAM-I biomedical engineering students including Dara Nimsi Chávez, Diana Selene Navarro, Tania Guevara Pintado, Laura Anayeli Perez, Orlando Martin Luna, Ricardo Abel Davalos, Angel Damian Gaytan, and Enrique Gerardo Zubirán.

Unlike other traditional cardiac monitoring technologies, this device model performs an abdominal electrocardiogram (ECG), which revolutionizes fetal monitoring through detecting arrhythmias in the heart of the unborn child. “The applications of our portable system allows a very precise interpretation separating the two components—maternal diagnosis and monitoring in one side and fetal on the other,” said Ramon Gonzalez Camarena, project tutor.

Camarena and the researchers are also planning to minimize the instrument to the size of a cellphone to make monitoring more convenient. The team also shared that the portable device is slated to undergo a series of biological safety and security assessments.

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