Advanced Pregnancy Apps Help Track Fetal Development

July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014

The Associated Press recently published a review featuring today’s market-leading fetal monitoring systems – BabyBump, WebMD Pregnancy, and Bellabeat - and the advantages of mobile self-application systems for pregnancy tracking. The rise of the revolutionary smartphone-enabled pregnancy apps and wearable fetal heart rate monitors allows expectant moms to monitor their baby’s development using a personalized, timely approach.

Biomed Monthly – Jult 2014Several handheld fetal monitoring devices intuitively deliver specific information during pregnancy such as estimated due date, how often the baby kicks, and how far apart the contractions during labor.

One of the featured fetal heart rate monitors with mobile app compatibility is Bellabeat, a pioneering heart monitor app that uses high frequency wave to detect fetal heartbeat and enable moms to record the sound produced then share the audio clip to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or email.

Aside from Bellabeat’s at-home fetal monitoring systems, other innovative apps like BabyBump and WebMD Pregnancy offer free comprehensive pregnancy apps and health information for expectant parents. BabyBump offers advanced options for parents-to-be to track daily weight and common pregnancy symptoms, join online pregnancy-focused forums, and keep a personal journal throughout the pregnancy. This app also displays baby’s weekly development through virtual slideshows and its $4 Pro version features a kick counter, contraction tracker, baby shopping planner, name selection system, and birth announcements planning tool. Similar to BabyBump, WebMD Pregnancy also delivers the same set of features along with weekly illustrations of pregnancy progress but in a more realistic design.

These innovatively designed pregnancy apps conbined with handheld fetal monitoring devices are fast becoming the current trend, making it easier for parents-to-be to monitor the baby and mother’s health.

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Laura Collier

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