Baxter Colleague CX Recall

July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

This week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a Class 2 Recall for the Baxter CX Infusion Pump. The reason for the recall was a possible oversight at the Baxter service center to fail in applying a red insulating varnish called GLYPTOL on a potentiometer that helps maintain accuracy for detecting any air bolus.

This potentiometer is located on the Air-In-Line circuit bard. But as per Baxter’s typical prompt and outstanding customer service on these issues, a campaign to inform all possibly affected clients had already started on July 1st by telephone and URGENT letters sent out on the 6th. Baxter instructed customer to immediately send back the pumps to the service center for inspection and any recalibration will be performed at no cost before returning the pumps to the hospitals. If you did not receive your notice, you should contact “The Center for One Baxter at 1-800-422-9837”. The Colleague line is one of the many Baxter pumps fully supported by AIV with a large selection of replacement parts and repair services.


B. Braun’s new partnerships

As an expansion into the growing home infusion market, B. Braun has signed an exclusive 5-year distribution agreement with CME America for their BodyGaurd line of electronic infusion pumps. The BodyGaurd IV Pump lineup included in the agreement is inclusive the 323 multi-therapy pump, 545 epidural pump, 575 PCA pump and the 121 (twins) pump which is a hospital and home two channel pump suitable for multiple medications. AIV has just started released new replacement parts for several B.Braun infusion pump models.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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