New Prenatal Care Model Improves Patient Satisfaction with Reduced Office Visits

June 13, 2016

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic, in partnership with The Center for Innovation, have come up with a novel prenatal care program that increases patient satisfaction while decreasing the frequency of office visits. Known as “OB Nest”, the newly developed program reconstructs traditional prenatal care practices by focusing on improved patient and provider experience through technology and designing new services.

New Prenatal Care Model Improves Patient Satisfaction with Reduced Office Visits

150 women with low-risk pregnancies participated in the randomized controlled trial of the prenatal care model at Mayo Clinic. Results from the trial showed that OB Nest patients reported higher satisfaction with care, decreased stress with their pregnancy, and fewer office visits. No significant differences between the two groups were reported in terms of maternal outcomes, fetal outcomes, unplanned visits, or perceived quality of care.

“Current prenatal care adheres to a historically fixed schedule of 12 visits during pregnancy,” Mayo Clinic obstetrics-gynecology instructor, Yvonne S. Butler Tobah, MD, said. “Although reduced prenatal visit bundles have been shown to be safe, patients reported diminished satisfaction and reduced quality of prenatal care.”

OB Nest consists of eight scheduled office visits and assigns patients with a dedicated nurse acting as their lead contact throughout the program. Home monitoring equipment such as fetal heart rate monitors and maternal blood pressure devices are also provided. In addition, patients also receive access to an online care community comprised of other OB Nest participants as well as nurses from the OB Nest care team.

This new transformative prenatal care program shows great potential in the way women receive care throughout their pregnancy. Not only does the OB Nest provide women with a more personalized and comfortable care experience, but health care providers also stand to benefit through the resources saved from requiring fewer office visits as well.

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Laura Collier

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