Coffey County Hospital Received Donations for New Fetal Monitors from Friends of Coffey Health System

April 09, 2014

April 9, 2014

Coffey County Hospital's obstetrics and nursery department received a $20,000 donation for the acquisition of new fetal monitoring equipment from the Friends of Coffey Health System (CHS), the hospital's volunteer auxiliary organization.

Coffey County Hospital Received Donations for New Fetal Monitors from Friends of Coffey Health System

According to Director of Nursing Melissa Hall, “Updating these monitors is a priority for us because of how vital fetal monitoring is in measuring the baby's well-being and labor progress.” The hospital's current fetal monitors are all fully functional, but may no longer be amenable to future maintenance and repairs.

The Friends of Coffey Health System is a thriving volunteer organization devoted in fundraising through the Coffey County Hospital Gift Shop, the auxiliary's flagship program. All proceeds from the Gift Shop go straight to specific hospital improvements and clinical upgrades such as this, among other community initiatives. In other news, the auxiliary also received the Gold Award for Excellence from the Kansas Hospital Association and the Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas for meeting the highest requirements for hospital donations and other civic involvements last December.

Friends of CHS president, Lois Brinkman, also shared their enthusiasm to contribute to this hospital improvement for obstetrics care. “It is gratifying to see the funds we work hard to raise towards such valuable assessment tools.”

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