Emerging Mobile Technology Revolutionizes Medical Care

December 19, 2014

Biomedical Engineering Society’s (BMES) interdisciplinary journal, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, recently published an article entitled “Mobile Medicine: Can Emerging Mobile Technologies Enable Patient-Oriented Medicine?” The issue discussed the great potential of mobile-based medical devices in providing a revolutionary approach in solving challenges in diverse healthcare systems.

The article, written by BMES members, Tingrui Pan and Yong Xu, outlined a multitude of advantages of mobile medicine including continuous self-monitoring of health conditions and real-time access to patient’s health data. These innovations also enable communication and information sharing between the two parties and generate possible individual health data sets that could be used for future personalized medicine.

Among the trends mentioned are wearable microsensors, portable point-of-care instruments, cell phone-based detection methods, and lab-on-a-chip analytical devices. This special issue on mobile medicine intends to probe technical challenges concerning sensitive reliable detection, flexible human-sensor interfaces, signal processing, and data accuracy.

The advent of this patient-oriented medical approach could pave the way for efficient and accurate delivery of medicine at reduced cost and time, which potentially encapsulates an alternative solution to conventional medicine.

The Biomedical Engineering Society has established its position in promoting knowledge and education in biomedical engineering and bio-engineering for optimal human health and well-being.AIV is a trusted provider of high-quality resources designed to support all national, state, and local groups in the biomedical and clinical engineering field. Learn more about the biomedical and healthcare technology management associations that AIV supports at www.aiv-inc.com/biomed-associations.html.

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Laura Collier

Laura Collier

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