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As part of our mission to support clinical engineering worldwide, we provide ongoing support to national, state, and local groups, by providing resources to help these people, who are a vital link in hospital operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I send equipment in for a repair?
    • To send equipment in for repair call customer service for an RA or click the link at the top of any page for Repair Form. Fill out this form and download the PDF version which also contains the shipping label, place form in the box with your repair. If you prefer to handwrite your repair order, click on the Customer Service at the top of the page and select Order Form.
  2. Can a PowerMATE be used in patient care areas?
    • The PowerMATE is UL1363A rated and approved for use in patient care areas. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Sevices (CMS) issued a categorical waiver allowing relocatable power strips like the PowerMATE® to be used in patient care areas. To read more on this decision click here.
  3. What is the length of your warranty?
    • Parts/Pump/Repairs Warranty
      AC Adapters/Power Cords 90 days
      AIV Manufactured Infusion Pump Parts 120 days
      Bolus Cables 120 days
      Case Kits - GE Telemetry 12 months
      Fetal Transuders - NEW 12 months*
      Fetal Transducer Repairs 12 months
      Finger Sensors (SpO2) 12 months
      Finger Sensor (SpO2) Repairs 6 months
      Infusion Pump Fixed and Flat Rate Repairs 6 months
      Infusion Pump Mechanism Repairs 12 months
      Parameter Module/Telemetry Repairs 12 months
      PowerMATE 12 months
      Recertified Infusion Pump Parts 60 days
      Refurbished Infusion Pumps 12 months
      *24 month warranty available on new fetal transducers for an additional cost
  4. What refurbished pumps do you sell?
    • AIV offers refurbished Baxter 6201, Baxter 6301, Baxter AS50, Baxter PCAII, Baxter iPump, Baxter APII, Baxter InfusOR, IMED PC2TX and most Medfusion and Hospira models.
  5. Do you buy equipment?
    • Yes we do buy a variety of equipment. If you have equipment you are looking to sell, please use this online form.
  6. What does AIV stand for?
    • If you are having trouble finding us in your vendor system as AIV, Inc., try looking us up as American IV Products Inc.

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