Biomed News - March 2015

March 20, 2015

ECRI Institute Publishes Health IT Safety Meeting Points

The formation of workgroups to improve clinical information technology security was the main topic of discussion during the ECRI Institute’s first Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety meeting held last September 2014. The proceedings, entitled “Partnering for Success”, have been made available to the public on the ECRI website.

According to ECRI, workgroups were formed during the meeting to study the reasons behind specific safety problems, and identify best practices for preventing recurrence. One such workgroup is focusing on the risky aspects of copying-and-pasting in electronic health records. The group, chaired by Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, president and chief executive officer of the National Patient Safety Foundation, comprised of 20 members that represent the different participating stakeholders. They are scheduled to release a set of recommendations and best practices following their meetings throughout the summer of 2015.

The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety initiative aims to provide insight on health IT challenges, barriers, and emerging priorities. It is composed of multi-stakeholders including providers, health IT vendors, associations, patient safety organizations, and researchers.

During his opening statement, Ronni Solomon, JD, executive vice president and general counsel of the ECRI Institute summarized the goals and methods of the initiative. “The main goal of the Partnering for Success meeting was to find ways to advance actionable solutions through collaboration.”

"I think the true innovation is that we're all working together, not in a silo. This is the group that's going to make something happen," Solomon adds.

Collaboration among the different biomedical community stakeholders, especially with regards to health IT, plays a vital role in the improvement of healthcare quality and patient safety. AIV is dedicated to providing support for various biomedical associations across the United States and around the world. To learn more about the various biomedical and healthcare technology management associations AIV supports, visit


AAMI to Hold Human Factors for Medical Devices Course

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) will be conducting a 3-day educational program from March 11 to 13, 2015 at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria in Virginia. The course aims to provide participants with an extensive overview to human factors in relation to medical devices. The course will include a discussion on FDA regulatory requirements as interpreted by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Human Factors Team.

For more information, visit

AAMI to Hold 2nd Quality System Requirements and Industry Practice Course

AAMI will be holding its second intensive 4-day program on quality system requirements and industry practice from March 23 to 26, 2015 at the Omni Parker House in Boston. Interested participants will have the option to take an online exam following the class.

For more information, visit

ASHE to Hold Health Care Construction Certificate Workshop

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) will be conducting two certificate workshops on health care construction this month from March 16 to 17, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas and from March 30 to 31 in Dulles, Virginia. Topics to be discussed at the workshop will include health care planning, design, and construction process; Life Safety Code® compliance; construction risk assessment; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEP); medical gas systems; medical technology; communication; and project expectations.

To learn more about the workshop, visit

ASHE to Host 2015 PDC Summit

The International Summit and Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design and Construction will be held from March 15 to 18, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. The PDC summit will include discussions on topics affecting the future of the health care built environment and presentations on cross-team collaboration, PDC sustainability, designing for future generations, and technology integration.

Learn more about the summit by visiting

TAHFM to Host Interlink 2015

The Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management (TAHFM) will be holding its Interlink 2015 conference from March 29 to April 1, 2015 in Houston, Texas. The event will feature discussions on the necessary Continuing Education contact hours for re-licensure or professional certificates, and new standards, issues, and trends in the healthcare industry.

Learn more about the event here

NEHES to Host Spring Seminar/p>

The New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society (NEHES) will be hosting its spring seminar on March 20, 2015. The event will be chaired by Larry Williams and the Massachusetts Healthcare Facility Professionals Society.

To register online, visit

WSBA to Hold 2015 Annual Symposium

The Washington State Biomedical Association will be hosting its 2015 Annual Symposium on March 28, 2015 in Seattle, Washinton. The event will feature a discussion entitled “Measuring the Value of Clinical Engineering” by keynote speaker, Patrick Lynch.

For registration and event details, visit


TAHFM Holds 2015 CHFM Certification Preparation Workshop and Exam

TAHM’s 2015 Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager (CHFM) certification preparation workshop and exams were held on February 5, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas. The one day program presented material from five subject areas of the CHFM exam.

For more information, visit

OAHE Conducts 2015 Winter Meeting

The Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers (OAHE) held its 2015 Winter Meeting on February 6, 2015 at the Oklahoma Hospital Association. The meeting included a discussion by Lindsey Bracket, Director of Facility Management Services at TME, LLC. on Reducing the Hospital Cost Structure.

To view the presentation, visit

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