Biomed News – March 2014

March 01, 2014

BI&T Journal Highlights Rising Influence of 3D Printing in Healthcare Delivery

In their recent cover story, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI) peer-reviewed journal, Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology (BI&T), discussed the growing impact of three-dimensional (3D) printing or additive manufacturing in the healthcare technology arena in the U.S.

BI&T Journal Highlights Rising Influence of 3D Printing in Healthcare DeliveryThe article presents what 3D printing can offer patients, supported by stories highlighting its practical uses.  The feature chronicled the gaining number of facilities that use 3D printing for routine applications, including the case of a male patient from Long Island, New York, who had 75% of his skull replaced with a polymer implant produced with this medical advancement.  Steve Morin, an instrument maker at Minneapolis VA Medical Center, also shared how 3D printing significantly helped his work in fabricating a wall-mounted radon test canister holder and other prosthetics research prototypes that could withstand the test of time even long after Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support ends.

As 3D printing technology gains solid footing in the U.S. medical arena, more and more practitioners are recognizing its numerous advantages. However, healthcare technology management (HTM) experts issued warning to healthcare facilities that it is imperative to understand a multitude of financial, legal, and training considerations firstly before employing 3D printing in healthcare delivery.

“3D printing is a solution looking for a good problem and this superb technology is suitable for a promising number of applications, one of which is medical imaging,” states Purna Prasad, a clinical technology and biomedical engineering director at the Stanford University Medical Center.

The latest BI&T issue also featured an interview with a top wireless healthcare executive who shared his industry forecasts, a research paper tackling one hospital’s experience with risk management and the standard ANSI/AAMI/IEC 80001-1, as well as the best practices for infusion pump electronic information systems integration.

Upcoming Events:

Patient Safety Awareness Week

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) invites healthcare practitioners to join the Patient Safety Awareness week, a yearly health care safety education and awareness campaign that will run on March 2-8, 2014.  Healthcare organizations worldwide participate annually by using NPSF’s educational resources to disseminate information to their hospital staffs and patients. They also exhibit the NPSF campaign logo and promotional materials in their facilities to create community awareness.

For more information, send messages and photos to, or visit

Upcoming AAMI Education Events

HTSI Webinar Series on The Best Practices for Alarm Systems Management from Kaiser Permanente, Children’s National Medical Center, and John Hopkins Hospital Teams

The AAMI Foundation’s Healthcare Technology Safety Institute, together with other industry organizations, is offering their latest webinar series on alarm system management to be held on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM ET free of charge. Interested healthcare delivery organization alarm management teams will be hearing firsthand experiences and best practices of experts from Kaiser Permanente, Children’s National Medical Center and John Hopkins Hospital. The webinar series aims to equip participants in complying with The Joint Commission’s new National Patient Safety Goal on alarm management.

For more information, please visit

Design Control Requirements and Industry Practices

AAMI will be hosting an in-depth training that offers courses covering the practical application of the Quality System’s regulation design control requirements to medical devices on March 5-7, 2014 at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, VA. The 2-½ day program is tailored for product development teams as well as research and development professionals engaged in meeting design control requirements and aiming to gain expertise on evaluating the degree of compliance in design control systems.

Learn more at

What’s That Sign? Signs and Symbols for Sterile Processing

AAMI will be hosting a webinar on March 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM ET to discuss the rationale behind the signs and symbols used in labeling medical devices and the definitions of symbols frequently used for Sterile Processing. Healthcare professionals will learn how to interpret signs and symbols used in the Sterile Processing field from industry expert Rose E. Seavey, MBA, BS, RN, CNOR, CRCST, CSPDT, President/CEO of Seavey Healthcare Consulting LLC.

For more information, visit

Human Factors for Medical Devices

AAMI specifically tailored this course to provide a comprehensive overview of the applications of human factors to medical devices for quality and design engineers, government regulators, and other key clinical/medical professionals who already have a basic understanding of the quality management systems framework. This 2-day program, to be held on March 10-12, 2013 at The Westin Arlington Gateway, is also open to all interested human factors personnel new to the medical device industry.

Get more information at

The S3 Challenge Forum

AAMI collaborated with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in hosting the S3 Challenge 2014, a new forum to be held on March 11-12 at Hyatt Dulles, Herndon, VA. The forum is aimed at engaging industry experts and government leaders to join forces in tackling diverse healthcare technology industry challenges.  The discussion will encompass issues including biocompatibility, sterility, risk management, and the applications of these three factors to today’s medical advances.

For more information, check out

Risk Management and Human Factors

Product managers, risk management workforce, quality assurance personnel, and human factors consultants in the medical device industry are invited to the forthcoming Risk Management and Human Factors workshop on March 19-24, 2014 at Chicago, IL. Select industry experts will facilitate in-depth lectures with multiple interactive in-class exercises for the attendees.

Browse through for more information.

AAMI/HTF Training Program – Managing Risks of Integrated Systems and Networks in Healthcare Environments

The AAMI Foundation’s Healthcare Technology Safety Institute (HTSI), in partnership with The Joint Commission and other recognized field organizations, invites industry professionals to join the HTSI webinar series on alarm systems management on March 25, 2014, Tuesday. The sixth webinar will focus on experiences with ventilator alarms.

Learn more at

Past Events:

Webinar: Maximize Your Investment in Your Business Office Personnel

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) hosted a webinar encompassing the industry secrets on hiring, training, and retaining personnel last February 25, 2014. Key speaker and senior vice president for Outpatient Healthcare Strategies Arthur E. Casey provided participants with the fundamental insights and guidelines in conducting successful interviews, selecting general employees, and implementing a seamless hiring process.

For more information, check out

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