Biomed News – June 2012

June 01, 2012

NCBA Names First Kevin Scoggin Shop Recognition Program Honoree

The North Carolina Biomedical Association (NCBA) announced the first recipient of its newly established Kevin Scoggin Shop Recognition Program Honor, choosing the Clinical Engineering Department at the Wilson Medical Center in Wilson, North Carolina as the honoree.

The team was recognized for their perseverance in keeping their facility a safe environment and improving service quality without inducing extra costs. Their department has integrated the vital signs units to the hospital EMR network, spearheaded switching the infusion pump technology, and integrated the organization’s monitoring network. The team has striven to ensure that the Wilson Medical Center is in tip top shape.

Jim Downing, CBET, the team leader, stressed that he is proud of his team adding, “people are the most important component of any organization and that education/development is a great driver for them.”

The Clinicial Engineering Department is in charge of the main campus, seven satellite locations with 4500 devices in the network.

NCBA is still accepting nominations for the Kevin Scoggin Shop Recognition Honor to be announced on the organization’s next newsletter. For full details on the submission of nominees, visit

AIV supports many local, regional and national biomedical associations including ICIS. To learn more about AIV and Biomed Associations, visit


FBS Now Accepting Applicants for New Scholarship

The Florida Biomedical Society (FBS) is encouraging individuals who are starting or enhancing their careers in the biomedical industry to apply for the Bruce McGuire Scholarship Fund Program.

In memory of the late Bruce McGuire, a renowned member of the biomedical community, FBS has launched a scholarship program that will assist qualified candidates in pursuing academic and professional careers in biomedical engineering. Applications should be submitted to the organization on or before August 31. Click here to apply.

FBS also invites private institutions and individuals to extend their support through donations for the scholarship grant.

For other inquiries on the Bruce McGuire Scholarship Fund Program, visit

GBIS Invites Participants to the GBIS Technical Conference

The Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society (GBIS) is now accepting reservations for its upcoming 2012 GBIS Technical Conference on August 17 – 19. The event will be held at the WellStar Development Center in Atlanta, Ga.

The conference will showcase workshops, talks and networking opportunities for all the participants. Vendors are also encouraged to exhibit during the conference.

For more information on registration, visit

ICIS to Discuss Proper Transesophageal Probe Maintenance

The Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society (ICIS) will be holding its next membership meeting on August 2. Available on webcast, a presentation entitled “The Proper Care and Maintenance of Transesophageal (TEE) Probes” will be featured.

The presentation will address the proper care and maintenance of TEE probes, and the reduction of potential costs and liabilities. The meeting will also include discussions and demonstrations, highlighting the tools and techniques for TEE probe testing and maintenance.

To learn more about the upcoming ICIS meeting, visit

GBS Meeting to Update Members on AAMI Annual Conference

The Gateway Biomedical Society (GBS) has slated its next meeting on July 26. The meeting will focus on the recently held Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Annual Conference last June and Joint Commission Director George Mills’ talk at the conference.

Members are encouraged to attend. The venue for the meeting will be announced at a later date.

To register at the upcoming GBS meeting, visit

ACCE to Hold Teleconference on Medical Device System Security

The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) will be hosting a teleconference on July 19. Entitled “Medical Device System Security”, the event will address security issues encountered with medical devices, and discuss the roles and responsibilities of the provider and the vendor.

For more information on the teleconference and registration procedure, visit



More Than a Thousand Attend AAMI 2012 Conference

The recent Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Annual Conference accommodated roughly 1500 attendees from the healthcare industry. The three-day conference featured a number of presentations and discussions, and housed nearly 200 vendors and manufacturers, showcasing the latest technology in medical devices.

Read more about the AAMI 2012 Conference

WSBA Meeting Features Latest Brain Research

The Washington State Biomedical Association (WSBA) recently held its monthly meeting at the Allen Brain Institute. The Allen Brain Institute also presented the latest technologies and discoveries in brain research as the main highlight of the meeting.

Read more about the WSBA meeting at

CMIA to Kick Off New Chapter

The California Medical Instrumentation Organization (CMIA) will be launching its new chapter, CMIA Fresno. To be held on June 28, the kick-off meeting will take place in Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Fresno, Ca.

Elections for officers of the said chapter will be held at the meeting. Vendors and corporate members of the organization are invited to join the event.

Read more about the new CMIA Fresno Chapter at

IBS Holds Mid-Year Conference

The Indiana Biomedical Society (IBS) recently held their Mid-Year Conference last June 15 – 16. The summit took place at the Hill-Room Customer Center and Farm in Batesville, Indiana. Free accommodations were given to members.

For more information on the conference, visit

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