Biomed News – February 2015

February 01, 2015

New Semiconductor Laser Next Step in Biomedical Imaging

A team of researchers from Yale University have developed a new semiconductor laser that eradicates speckle in biomedical imaging applications. It combines intense light emission with low spatial coherence, thus opening a wide range of possibilities for the next generation of instrumentation such as high-tech microscopes, laser projectors, and biomedical imaging.

According to the team’s study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there has been an intense search for ideal high-speed, full-field imaging application light sources in recent years. Traditional lasers, while running on very high energy, have the potential to cause image corruption resulting in a phenomenon called “speckle”. Speckle is a random, grainy pattern resulting from high spatial coherence. To avoid such distortion, one ideal method is to use light emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination. However, LEDs have been noted to lack the sufficient power per mode for high-speed imaging.

Engineered around the concept of chaotic cavity laser activity, the new semiconductor laser provides an alternative approach by producing an intense emission while still maintaining low spatial coherence. “For full-field imaging, the speckle contrast should be less than ~4% to avoid any disturbance for human inspection,” said Hui Cao, co-author of the study and professor of applied physics. “As we showed in the paper, the standard edge-emitting laser produced speckle contrast of ~50%, while our laser has the speckle contrast of 3%. So our new laser has completely eliminated the issue of coherent artifact for full-field imaging.”

Laser speckle is a big obstacle for certain class development of clinical diagnostics that use light, according to co-author and assistant professor of diagnostic radiology, pediatrics, and biomedical engineering, Michael A. Choma. “It is tremendously rewarding to work with a team of colleagues to develop speckle-free lasers,” said Choma. “It also is exciting to think about the new kinds of clinical diagnostics we can develop.”

Innovations such as the new semiconductor laser are vital in the improvement of today’s current biomedical technology. Part of AIV’s missionis to support clinical engineering worldwide by providing resources to help national, state, and local groups in the biomedical community. Learn more about the associations AIV supports by visiting

AAMI to Hold Quality System Requirements and Industry Practice Course
The 4 day program will run from February 9 to 12, 2015 and will cover basic topics on developing a quality system program that conforms with the FDA’s Quality System regulation. An optional exam will also be given to participants online, following each class.

For more information, visit

ASATT Postpones Regional Meeting
The American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT)’s regional meeting with Region 6, which was originally set for February 28, 2015, has been postponed. Details of the updated meeting will be announced as they are finalized.

AAHE Holds 2015 Winter Meeting Arkansas Association for Healthcare Engineers (AAHE) held its 2015 Winter Meeting at the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springson January 23, 2015. The meeting included opening remarks by AAHE President, Wesley Trussell and discussions on topics involving facility and safety.

AAMI Holds Human Factors for Medical Devices Seminar
Quality and design engineers, research and development managers, quality assurance staffs, clinical and medical affairs employees, and other personnel who are new to the application of human factors to medical devices were invited to attend AAMI’s seminar fromJanuary 27-29, 2015 in London, England. This three-day course offered participants a comprehensive overview to human factors as it relates to medical devices.

To know more about this course, check out

NEHES Hosts 2015 Leadership Series
The New England Healthcare Engineer’s Society (NEHES) offered a leadership series for all NEHES members in Andover, Massachusetts, which was launchedon January 27, 2015. These five one-day sessions providedcourses in advancing the career in healthcare engineering management.

Browse through for online registration and complete details.

TAHFM Holds ICRA Training Program
The Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management held an ICRA Training Program on January 30, 2015 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. This course aimed to provide participants with basic knowledge on the significance of infection control risk assessment in developing competent healthcare construction points.

More information on this training program could be found at

CMIA Hosts Annual Symposium
The California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) Held its annual symposium from January 15-18 at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego. The symposium included two days of educational sessions, a vendor show and a golf tournament. The symposium was capped off with the CMIA awards banquet, where the organization handed out its scholarships and other professional awards.

SoCalBio Holds 2014 Workforce Development Roundtable Discussion
The Southern California Biomedical Council previously held a workforce roundtable discussion on December 12, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The summit has provided Southern California bioscience companies with a unique approach in addressing workforce issues within the bioscience industry, workforce development professionals, educators, as well as other state and local partners.

Learn more about this recent event at

ASHE Conducts Health Care Construction (HCC) Certificate Workshop®
The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) conducted a Health Care Construction (HCC) Certificate Workshop® fromJanuary 20-21, 2015 at ABC Keystone in Manheim Pennsylvania. This HCC workshop will feature critical topics in healthcare construction including health care planning, design, Life Safety Code® compliance, and construction risk assessment, among others.

For complete details on the course and registration procedure, visit

IBS Hosts Annual Meeting
IBS hostedits 24th annual conference onJanuary 24, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel City Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event was designed to meet the continuing educational needs and interests of the state’s biomedical community.

Learn more about this event at

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