Biomed News - April 2012

April 01, 2012

AAMI 2012 Conference and Expo Draws Near
Bio medical associations including the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) and Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET), encourage their members to join other biomedical professionals at the upcoming AAMI 2012 Conference & Expo.

The summit will be held on June 2 – 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina and will showcase educational sessions that focus on key issues faced today. The event will feature more than 150 equipment manufacturers and service providers. More than a thousand professionals are expected to participate in the said event.

For full information and registration guidelines on the AAMI 2012 Conference, visit

AIV supports many local, regional and national biomedical associations including ICIS. To learn more about AIV and Biomed Associations, visit


CABMET Meeting to Feature Real Time Locating Systems

On the next Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET) meeting, GE Healthcare will be conducting a presentation of Real-Time Location System (RTLS). RTLS is an advanced technology that provides healthcare professionals with current location and status of equipment or an individual, enhancing interoperability and data consolidation. The lecture will be presented by GE Healthcare Agility Account Manager and Certified Biomedical Technician Mark George.

This CABMET meeting will be held at the Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, Colorado on May 17, 2012. To register for the meeting, visit

VBA Searches for Annual Meeting Presenters

The Virginia Biomedical Association has announced their search for potential presenters for their September annual meeting. The positions for the presenters are open to members, manufacturers and service providers who can conduct a quality educational session at the organization’s annual meeting. Attendees include biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers and other healthcare technology professionals.

Deadline for entries is until May 1, 2012. For full details of this search, visit

ICIS to Talk About Heart and Lung Bypass History

The next meeting of the Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society (ICIS) on May 3, will address the history of cardiopulmonary bypass. The assembly will start at 6pm and will be held at the McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. The meeting will feature Paige King, a design, and engineer specialist with a PhD in Cardiovascular Bio-Mechanical Engineering.

The meeting will be open to ICIS members and web-based registrants. For more information on the upcoming ICIS meeting, log on to



NMBIO Meeting Discussed Medical Device Regulation

Last April 10, the New Mexico Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (NMBio) held its monthly meeting featuring medical device regulation presentations. Panelists included Ries Robinson, Chairman for Inlight Solutions, David Arvelo, representative for Southwest Regional Office small businesses, US Food and Drug Administration and Emmanuel Grimaud, Partner from Perfea Innovation.The panel stressed issues regarding regulations on marketing medical devices.

Powerpoint presentations from the event are available by request at

BMETS Meeting Tackled RFID/RTLS Solution

The Baltimore Medical Engineers and Technicians Society (BMETS) featured AiRISTA LLC who gave a presentation on Skytron’s Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Identification and Real-Time Location System solution during its recent members meeting. The presentation focused on how the Skytron solution integrates with the facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The assembly took place last April 25 at Willow Grove Restaurant in Linthicum, Maryland.

To learn more about the presentation and the meeting, visit

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