Baxter AS50 Repair

AIV's selection of repair services for the Baxter AS50 infusion pump are subjected to strict quality standards at our ISO 13485 facility. This is why AIV's infusion pump replacement parts and Baxter infusion pump services are trusted by hospitals worldwide.

Get expert tips from AIV on extending the life of your Baxter AS50 Infusion Pump, Download our Guide Here.

Infusion pump repairs include a 6 month warranty, average turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days

AS50 drive mechanism repairs include a 60-day warranty, average turnaround time of 5 business days

Service agreements and rentals are available

All AS50 IV pump repairs are performed by our trained and experienced AS50 infusion pump maintenance and repair technicians. AIV extends the life of your Baxter IV pumps with durable Baxter parts.

Find the AS50 IV pump services you require below and then fill out the short "Request Info" form to the right of the page, please enter in the AIV part number you are interested in and hit submit for more details.

View the list of Baxter AS50 repair services below:

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Product OEM Part Number AIV Part Number
5---as505 LCD PCB Repair
AAS5001353RP REPAAS5001353RP
5---as5052 AS50 Repair Fixed Price Labor (parts are additional)
driveassembly Repair Drive Mechanism
A069160001RP REPA069160001RP
mainlcdboardas50 Repair LCD PCB
AAS5001353RP REPAAS5001353RP
5---as5053 AS50 Flat Rate Repair (price includes labor and any necessary parts)

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