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Alaris Medley

AIV's selection of Alaris replacement parts were designed in our ISO-13485 registered facility to strict quality standards

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  • All AIV infusion pump repairs include a 6 month warranty
  • Average turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days
  • Service agreements and rentals are available

AIV Manufactured Parts Available for the Alaris Medley:

AIV's trained and experienced maintenance technicians perform specialized repairs to extend the life of your Alaris infusion pumps.

AIV The Medley Medication Safety System consists of the Programming Module (Model 8000), the Guardrails Safety Software, and detachable modules (or channels) which provide infusion or monitoring capabilities. The Medley System is intended for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities on adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

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Product OEM Ref Number AIV Part Number
LVP 8100 Door Assembly with Cable Harness
10360244 AL12956
POC 8000 LCD Display Assembly
147079102 147079100RC 
LVP 8100 Door Latch
147085-102 AL12957
POC 8015 Keypad
N/A AL13041
POC 8015LS Keypad
N/A AL13314
POC 8015LS Front Case Assembly w/ Keypad
TC10007838 AL13315
No image set Alaris-Compatible Power Cord
148452-002 PC10775
POC 8015 Front Case Assembly w/ Keypad
TC10006227 AL13045
LVP 8100 Cable Harness
TC10006230 AL12927
LVP 8100 Door Assembly w/o Cable Harness
TC10006466 AL13123